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We provide Robotics 
and AI Solutions

We are seasoned professionals in the field of robotics, well-equipped to conceptualize, develop, and implement robotic solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive full-stack UI and UX solutions specifically designed for robotic applications, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience

We Provide

ros control

Robot Control

Managing a Robot Control system is intricate. Our expertise extends to assisting you in establishing control architecture and deploying controllers effectively. Cut down on installation and maintenance expenses by utilizing ros_control / ros2_control, and we're here to guide you in its optimal utilization.

Software and Hardware

Selecting the right hardware and software for your robotics application is crucial. Rely on our expertise for guidance in making informed choices, ensuring seamless integration, and achieving efficient management of your robotic systems.

Custom UI

Custom UI for

Enhance your robotic experience with our Custom UI for Robots! Our tailored Web and mobile applications empower you to effortlessly monitor, control, and teleoperate your robots according to your preferences and needs. Elevate your robot interaction to a whole new level!

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Unlock the potential of your existing robotic system with our ROS Services! We specialize in seamlessly implementing ROS into your setup, providing expert guidance to navigate the ROS environment. Make your hardware ROS-ready and elevate your robotic capabilities with our tailored solutions.

Research and Development

Robotics, AI,
Computer Vision R&D

Transform your vision into a reality! Our R&D division is your strategic partner, guiding you through every stage of development. From inception to a polished, working product, we specialize in Robotics, Computer Vision, and AI. Let us drive your success in the realm of cutting-edge technology.

Our Services

Manipulation using Collaborative Robots

Specializing in cobot-assisted manipulation, we excel in executing dynamic and fixed-coordinate tasks tailored to industrial, healthcare, and diverse needs. Our experts guide you in selecting the optimal arm, From recommendations to procurement, we offer a comprehensive solution. Elevate your applications with our expertise, empowering you to effortlessly monitor, control, and teleoperate your robots through customized web and mobile applications. Redefine your robotic experience with our tailored solutions, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Outdoor Mobile Robots

Our outdoor autonomous navigation robots redefine versatility, tailored to traverse diverse land terrains based on your specific needs. From the intricacies of the wheel mechanism to the precision of the navigation system, each component is fully customized to align with your unique use case. Whether it's rugged landscapes or specialized outdoor environments, our robots are engineered to deliver seamless navigation, providing a robust solution that adapts to the demands of various outdoor applications.

6D Pose Estimation

Our 6D pose estimation solution offers a comprehensive approach to determine the precise position and orientation of objects for efficient manipulation by manipulators or mobile robots. This advanced technology enables dynamic object handling in desired poses, a departure from traditional fixed-coordinate pick-and-place methods. Enhance your robotic operations with the flexibility to adapt to various object orientations, ensuring seamless and adaptable automation for diverse applications.

Indoor Autonomous Mobile Robots

Our indoor autonomous mobile robots provide versatile navigation for applications like live inspections and beyond. Crafted for warehouse efficiency and collaborative settings, they prioritize safety, ensuring reliable performance without disturbing human activities. Imagine a warehouse where these robots autonomously transport inventory, collaborate with human workers, and facilitate seamless operations.

Industrial Parts Anomaly Detection

Our industrial parts anomaly detection service specializes in identifying irregularities within your industrial PCB boards and components. By leveraging advanced visual inspection techniques, we meticulously analyze and detect anomalies, ensuring the optimal performance and reliability of your systems. This proactive approach enhances overall efficiency, minimizing errors and streamlining production processes. Rely on our expertise to elevate the quality of your industrial operations through precise anomaly detection and continuous improvement in visual inspection practices.



ACK Robotics Triumphs at Global Student Entrepreneur Award Event

ACK Robotics Triumphs at Global Student Entrepreneur Award! We're proud winners at EO Chennai's event, securing 1 Lakh rupees cash prize and 2.5 Lakh rupees worth of workspace from Workez. This success propels us to the national semi-finals. Grateful to EO Chennai for the platform, reinforcing our excellence at ACK Robotics.

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